Cyril Bernhard Trio

Cyril Bernhard Trio is the musical culmination of three personalities whose similarities compliment one another and who’s differences challenge and create a new and exciting sound in music.
The three of them met in 2012 in the Netherlands, since then they have been developing a repertoire of original music specific for the group which they performed all over the Netherlands and in Turkey (Istanbul and Ankara) . Their debut album will be released on Il Sole in Cantina Records in late 2013.
Cyril Bernhard (1986, France) started playing the guitar at the age of 12, firstly attracted by 60’s 70’s rock and punk, he soon got interested in a lot of different music (reggae, blues, jazz, metal). He played with a lot of different bands in France ranging from rock, brazilian music, ska, funk to jazz, trash-metal or French traditionnal musette. He also collaborated with a contemporary dancer for a youth oriented show, and was teacher in his hometown for 8 years.
He composed and recorded an album with E-force (Modified Poison) and two with his power trio Krank! (Krank! and Le Bilan. Besides the guitar, he also worked as trumpet player, singer, arranger and composer. After graduating from the Jazz Conservatory of Mautauban in 2011, he spent one year playing and touring intensively in France before moving to the Netherlands, where he met his fellow musicians at Prins Claus Conservatorium of Groningen and co-founded the Cyril Bernhard Trio.
Esat Ekincioglu (Turkey, 1990) started playing the bass guitar at the age of 12. He played and performed as a sideman in lots of bands of different music genres, from pop to heavy metal to musicals. He picked up the double bass in 2009. Deciding to pursue music as a professional career, Esat dropped his sociology education two years ago to study jazz at Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen.
Notable performances include: Istanbul Jazz Festival 2010 (winner of the Young Jazz Competition with two bands), Jazz Vocal Concours Zwolle, Leiden Jazz Award, Ortaköy Jazz Days, Factors Festival Groningen, Nardis Jazz Club, Jazzinty Festival Novo Mesto, concerts in Pori (FIN), Berlin (DE), Ljubljana (SLO), Thessaloniki (GR), Sofia (BL), Brussels (BE).
Yusuf Ahmed (United Kingdom, 1990), having been raised in London, grew up listening to a mixture of different kinds of music. The Caribbean sounds brought to England in the late 50s, the development of electronic music throughout the 90s and the strong rock tradition in the UK are things which influence his musical aesthetics. However, it was in New York where he took a deep interest in improvised music. Since then he has taken a serious and dedicated approach to studying the drums and various musical traditions. He now lives in the Netherlands where he is a student of Prins Claus Conservatorium.
Cyril Bernhard – guitar
Esat Ekincioglu – double bass
Yusuf Ahmed – drums

A video of the band can be found clicking here.