Adedeji is a prolific singer, guitarist and composer who was born and raised in one of the largest cities of West Africa, the vibrant and funky city of Lagos.
A career in music wouldn’t have been a choice for him, as survival is usually meant to be the priority of most people. However, music found its way to his heart at the early age of 5, before he joined the church choir. By the age of 10 he was already leading the choir through classical pieces and beyond, even though he was not classically trained.
Adedeji’s first music teacher was himself. He learnt to read music notation and played a bit of clarinet during this same period, he was all around as a session musician, doing backing vocals and also producing local artists in Nigeria. At the age of 18, his voice was all over Nigerian radio jingles, adverts and movie soundtracks. He arranged and composed songs for Salvador Sango: at that time Adedeji was the lead singer/rhythm guitarist of Salvador’s band. In 2005 his compositions were featured on the band’s debut album.
He had two years of music technology study at the Polytechnic Ibadan, before moving to the University of Lagos to study creative art for a few semesters. During that period he picked up the guitar, initially out of the need to learn chords for composition reasons, and he got his friend to show him just two chords; that was it. He immensely socked himself in the masterful art of George Benson and Wes Montgomery, Charlie Parker, King Sunny Ade, Fela Kuti… His list of favorites grew very fast in a short time. In the year 2006 Adedeji travelled to Greece to perform at the World Music Day. He came back there a year after to perfor almost every night, doubling as singer and guitarist, as well as recording artist. He took music courses at the London College of Music, where he got his degree a few years later, and at Prins Claus Conservatorium in the Netherlands, where he is currently studying jazz music.
Some of his musical accolades include performing with lagbaja, Ayo Bankole, Steve Rhodes Orchestra, Sound Sultan and Salvador Sango. He featured on Mc Yinka’a Alana’s album, Yannis Kassetas’s Funk Abyss album , Elvis-E Prayer’s album and he has performed at festivals and venues like Apollo Theatre (Greece), World Music Day (Greece), Documentary Festival (Thessaloniki), African Art Fest (Madrid), Singout Gospel (Germany), Gideon Festival (the Netherlands) , Swingin Groningen, Kalamata Jazz Festival, Amsterdam Gospel Fest, Stukafest (the Netherlands) and many, many others.
He is currently on tour with his new and first album as a leader, which is an fusion of traditional african styles, progressive attitude and modern sounds of jazz and funk music, creating sonorities which are rhythmically and technically broad, harmonically rich, melodically and emotionally compelling. The album was recorded in 5 different countries – Nigeria, Greece, Spain, France and the Netherlands – and features some of the best players around the world, including the award winning jazz guitarist Lionel Loueke.
Adedeji Adetayo – voice, guitar, percussions
Benson Enowben Itoe – electric bass
Akinsola Elegbede – drums and percussions
+ guests

You can watch Adedeji in action on Youtube clicking here and here.

Amongst the up coming musicians from Africa , Adedeji is the first african musician that caught my attention. He’s a great composer, guitarist, singer. I’m sure we will hear more about him in the future.
Lionel Loueke

Take the soulful voice of Stevie Wonder, the hipness of D’angelo, and the great scat and guitar playing of George Benson, and you come up with Adedeji …this cat is going places!!
JD Walter

Deji brings an infectious energy and enthusiasm to his music. Whether he is playing guitar, singing or doing both at the same time he takes us on a creative journey that is exciting, unpredictable and rooted in the jazz tradition and also soulful with blues and r&b influences. His natural ability is obvious as one can hear in the ease of his playing and his strong rhythmic sense. Check out “Ajo” and enjoy!
Freddy Bryant

After listening to him i was surprised that, in this world of hip hop and americanized Africans, Adedeji is taking us to the real direction. I believe his work will open us new dimensions of Art in general, not just music.
Lekan Babalola