Evija Vebere Quartet


“When I was three years old, I told my mother really seriously – I am a singer!
I went to different directions to explore the world of music, but I am honest and truly myself, when I write and perform my own songs.
It’s hard for me to characterize my songs including them in a particular genre. What you can hear in my music is a bit of everything I have been passionate about.”
Evija Vebere

Evija Vebere Quartet consists of Marta Warelis (PL), Esat Ekincioğlu (TR) and Lav Kovac (SRB).
Having different roots and varied music influences, they create colorful music with lyrical melodies and dreamy stories.
Evija’s music is full of surprises: it goes from silence and gentle tones to loud and energetic grooves, it takes its influences from Joni Mitchell as well as from Bjork, from childish stories as well as from political themes, you can hear whispers as well as screams.
Marta Warelis is a Polish jazz pianist and composer. When she moved to Wroclaw (Poland) at age of 20, she got interested in jazz. Discovering improvised music changed everything for her. She played in various groups exploring and experimenting with different styles like avant-pop, funk, progressive rock and jazz in particular. She’s been involved in the youth theatrical scene in Wroclaw, writing arrangements for spectacles. Currently she’s living and studying in Groningen, the Netherlands, at Prins Claus Conservatorium.
Esat Ekincioglu (1990, Turkey) started playing the bass guitar at the age of 12. He played and performed in lots of bands of different music genres, from pop to heavy metal to musicals. He picked up the double bass in 2009. Deciding to pursue music as a professional career, Esat dropped his Sociology education two years ago to study jazz at the Prins Claus Conservatorium in the Netherlands. Notable performances include: Istanbul Jazz Festival 2010 (winner of the Young Jazz Competition with two bands), Jazz Vocal Concours Zwolle (NL), Leiden Jazz Award, Ortaköy Jazz Days, Factors Festival Groningen, Nardis Jazz Club, Jazzinty Festival Novo Mesto (SLO), concerts in Pori (FIN), Berlin (DE), Ljubljana (SLO), Thessaloniki (GR), Sofia (BL), Brussels (BE).
Lav Kovac, born and raised in Novi Sad, Serbia, from early age he was surrounded by all kinds of artists and all sorts of other weird people, so it was not a surprise when Lav took up the percussion and already at age of 11 played his first solo concert on pans and other kitchenware. From then, he went on playing in Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra, Accordion Orchestra “Sonja Marinkovic”, with Darko Rundek, Boris Kovac, Keckec & Acid Folk Orchestra, participating as musician in various performances at the Serbian National Theatre. He was one of the few people selected by Serbian government for the EuroMed project 2010. His life path led him to study jazz drums at the Prins Claus Conservatoire.
Evija Vebere – vocals
Marta Warelis – piano
Esat Ekincioglu – double bass
Lav Kovac – drums
You can watch videos of Evija’s quartet clicking here, here and here.

“Boy, this sure blindsided me. Like an unexpected storm whipping up off the Baltic Sea.
I know Evija as an extremely talented vocalist finishing her studies at the Prins Claus Conservatorium, but I had no idea all of this was bubbling just out of sight!
She sounds like no one else. Simple, beautiful songs with sudden wild turns, that in retrospect somehow seem very natural. That sensuous, light Scandinavian vocal color, but with a challenging twist, with a great multinational band following every breath.
Plus, a lyric that just won’t leave me: ‘Save your tears, they’re like souvenirs’.
Listen. Go see. Enjoy.
Paul Berner (bassist and teacher at the Prins Claus Conservatorium)