First Act IT

Nonprofit organization Global Union of Young Artists has the main goal of promoting the talent of young artists coming from all over the world.
To start, the organization is planning initiatives aimed at the promotion of young jazz players and at the diffusion of jazz music.
To do so, the organization established the Global Youth Jazz Network, a network of young musicians coming from the five continents, which, with the help of the organization, of entrepreneurs, of public and private bodies, aims at the realization of coordinated festivals, having the objective of promoting young musicians, together with the objective of showing new aspects of the world music scene, introducing musicians coming from many different cultural and geographical worlds.
The voluntary work of the members of the organization, together with charitable contributions and sponsorships, enables the realization of low-cost events, which include concerts, as well as jam sessions and workshops.
The program of our initiatives is itinerant.
Every phase or important event will be called Act, numbered and named using the abbreviation of the hosting country.
The First Act will be held in Sicily, where about 35 music events will take place from December 2013 to April 2014, with the participation of 10 different bands and 34 musicians from 12 countries.
The bands include some of the most awarded and appreciated musicians of the youth jazz scene.
Kaja Draksler Acropolis Quintet was chosen as one of the three bands for the prestigious 12 Points Plus Program and performed at festivals like Skopje Jazz Festival, Ljubljana Jazz Festival, 12 Points Festival, Vossa Jazz Festival, l’Akbank Jazz Festival in Istanbul, Jazzkaar in Tallinn.
Bram Stadhouders became the youngest musician ever to win the renowned North Sea Jazz Composition Assignment, he performed in the Netherlands, North America, Norway, Poland, Germany, Russia, Israel, Belgium, Spain, Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Turkey, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Bulgaria.
Matiss Cudars won the prestigious Keep An Eye Jazz Award 2012 and the European Young Artist’s Jazz Award Burghausen 2013.
Daan Kleijn won the VNO-NCW Talent Award and the Gasterra Talent Award.
Sanem Kalfa is the winner of the Montreaux Jazz Vocal Prize 2010.
Sander Thijsen, after a performance at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, was selected by the Netherlands American Community Trust to play in November 2012 at the Carnegie Hall in New York.
The organization is supported by skilled professionals in the fields of graphic design and communication. Public relations will be managed by Concetta Bonini, formerly supervisor for the Fondazione Teatro Garibaldi and Modica Miete Culture, which led Modica up to the pages of national newspapers and magazines.
The graphic designer working for the organization is Giovanni Caccamo, one of the exceptional designers of the teams of Sony Music and Monya Grana, brand of fashion accessories with dealers in Paris, Rome and Milan.

We don’t need just space. That is the way it works in the jungle: predators mark their own territories, preys run away, to places where lions are absent. Yet, man’s world is based on a different balance: listening, trust, economic support and foresight are what is needed, together with protection from people who, for some reason, when they look in the mirror, see fangs instead of hands. Love and solidarity are necessary, as well as freedom from fear, which reigns uncontested in the animal world.
Weaker and inexperienced people, such as young people, can be a perfect prey also in the man’s world, even here in Sicily. But then, drawing absolute conclusions and giving defensive advises to the youth, just because of our own local situation, doesn’t make sense. Men, today, are more than that. “Don’t follow the old men, don’t listen to what they say, it is just a misleading way to keep their position and speculate on your supposed necessity to be orientated, while they are the ones who have lost orientation. They cling to you not to drown!” So a friend of mine, sick of our social, economic and cultural context, argued. Very difficult though it may be, I encouraged him not to lose heart. Following his suggestion, young people would just lie down under the leading inhuman laws and would probably become new tyrants, keeping up this state of things. It is not the way of change.
Good fathers, good teachers, good politicians, good people do exist. Indeed, some of them live in this jungle.
Giacomo Caruso (coordinator)