Matiss Cudars Quintet

Warm friendship and a strong musical connection brought these five prominent musicians together. The music they create gives an emotional and esthetic enjoyment to an audience of any kind – young indie kids, jazz and improvised music lovers, educated music knowers and people who like seeing five friends enjoying making music and interacting on stage. Their musical influences vary from 20th century classical music to Radiohead, swing, hard-bop, Meshuggah, traditional folk music from all the continents, Björk and Sigur Rós. Based on jazz improvisation, their music encompasses lots of elements from various music genres – the integrity of folk music, the energy of indie rock, the harmony of classical music…
“When I’m playing with my quintet”, says Matiss, “I feel like a kid with many beautiful toys, sharing the moments of joy with my friends. I can do anything that comes in my mind and my band members will respect it all and make it sound beautiful. Playing with them makes me hear more things than I hear usually. It makes me be more creative, imaginative and spontaneous.”
It all started on 2010, when Matiss moved to the Netherlands to study at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. There he formed the Matiss Cudars Trio, which, soon after, won the Grand Prix at the Prinses Christina Concours 2010 and was prized for its unique organic sound. To accomplish more diversity of sound and musical possibilities, a saxophone player was added to the band soon after and the Matiss Cudars Quartet started performing around Europe.
In March 2012 they recorded their debut album Melancholia in Musica Fattoria Studio, Germany.
In 2012, the Matiss Cudars Quartet won the first prize at the Keep An Eye Jazz Award, while in 2013 won the world renowned European Young Artist’s Jazz Award Burghausen 2013.
Charley Rose, alto saxophonist coming from the south of France, began his musical path with various bands as a singer and a saxophonist, playing multitude of different genres such as jazz, classical music and heavy metal. Charley is a graduate of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and is currently residing in the Netherlands, working as a musician with various projects which includes some of the most prominent jazz musicians of the Dutch scene, contemporary dancers and artists. Charley’s playing and the music he writes have a remarkably fresh spirit that combines the wildness of tribal ritual music, deep understanding of the French classical music heritage, strong sense and freedom in jazz improvisation with the very unique saxophone sound that can sometimes sound like a shamanic flute.
Matīss Čudars (Latvia, 1991) is a jazz guitar player and composer. He’s been acknowledged as one of the most prominent up-raising young music talents from the Baltic States.
Throughout his youth, Matīss had been busy studying and playing in various orchestras as a trombone and marimba/percussion player, as well as playing the guitar in several rock bands in Latvia. His striving for melodic, rhythmic and harmonic innovations made him interested in the jazz harmony and improvisation. At the age of 18 he moved to The Netherlands to study at the prestigious Conservatorium van Amsterdam with Jesse Van Ruller and Maarten van der Grinten. Since then, Matīss has been performing throughout Europe with some of the finest musicians of the scene.
Matīss is the winner of the Prinses Christina Concours 2010, the Keep An Eye Jazz Award 2012 and the European Young Artist’s Jazz Award Burghausen 2013. Matīss has been studying and performing in The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Canada, United States and the Caribbean Islands. He’s been studying with such remarkable musicians as Kurt Rosenwinkel, Brad Mehldau, Aaron Parks, Dave Douglas, Steve Lehman, John Hollenbeck and Donny McCaslin, to name a few.
Lennart Heyndels (Belgium, 1991) is a young bass player and composer currently finishing his master degree in jazz music at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. He is already a much in demand musician around Europe. In 2010 he won the 1st prize at the Prinses Christina Jazz Concours, resulting in a performance at the North Sea Jazz Festival, a private workshop with Brad Mehldau and the opportunity to attend Banff Centre Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music in Canada. Lennart also won the European Young Artist’s Jazz Award Burghausen 2013 with the Matiss Cudars Quartet, which gave them the opportunity to share the stage with Cassandra Wilson.
Lennart is the composer, arranger and the leader of the ensemble called How Town, which has just released its first album, resulting in a successful release tour around Europe and collaborations with dancers in Belgium and Latvia.
Lennart is active in various bands ranging from jazz to pop and experimental, while composing and arranging for small ensembles, big bands and theatre performances.
Ivars Arutyunyan (Latvia, 1991), despite his young age, has already worked as drummer together with many great artists like Franceso Cafiso, Tomas Franck, Carsten Dahl, Jakob Dinesen, Eero Koivistoinen, Carlo Morena, Jari Perkiomaki and Carl Winther, to name a few.
Ivars is a graduate of Riga Dome Choir School and currently he studies at the Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium in Copenhagen. Ivars has toured in Tanzania, Greece, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Poland, and the Baltic states. He is the winner of Yamaha Drumday 2011 and laureate of Nomme Jazz. He has developed a very unique, sensitive, dynamic way of drumming under such great musicians as Billy Hart, Tyshawn Sorey, Lenny White, Dave Liebman, Reggie Workman. Currently Ivars is one of the most sought-after jazz drummers in the jazz and experimental music scene of the Baltic States and Scandinavia.
Charley Rose (France) – alto saxophone
Erik Kimestad (Norway) – trumpet
Matiss Cudars (Latvia) – guitar
Lennart Heyndels (Belgium) – double bass
Ivars Arutyunyan (Latvia) – drums

“Thoroughly engaged and engaging, the guitarist’s masterful command of his instrument belied his youthful age (22), playing with the kind of maturity and tasteful restraint rare in someone so young, though he was absolutely capable of cutting loose when the music demanded”

“This band knows how to tell stories to captivate their audience with each note.”
jury of Burghausen Jazz Festival