• Kaja Draksler 5et

  • Bram Stadhouders Henosis Trio

  • Matiss Cudars Quartet

  • Daan Kleijn Trio

  • Yoonmi Choi Trio

  • Evija Vebere Quartet

  • Giacomo Caruso Quartet

  • Adedeji Adetayo

  • Thijsen / Poulsen / Oosterhaven

Nonprofit organization Global Union of Young Artists has the main objective of promoting the talent of young artists coming from all over the world.
The organization supports the development of youth associationism, stimulating the creativity and talent of young people, instilling in them a sense of active citizenship, solidarity and tolerance, fostering mutual understanding among young people from different countries and involving them personally in the process of construction of their own future in the occupational world.
The organization promotes mobility within and beyond the borders of the European Union, it promotes intercultural dialogue and multilingualism, and encourages the employability and inclusion of all young people, regardless of their educational, social and cultural background.
The organization is committed to support, by its available means, every young artist who will ask for it, without any form of discrimination on grounds of sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religion, believes, disability or professional skills.
For the achievement of its institutional objectives, the organization avails itself mostly of free and voluntary work of its members.